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Khulna University

Khulna University is a public university in Bangladesh. It is located in Gollamari, Khulna, Bangladesh, near the Moyur river, next to the Khulna-Satkhira highway. The academic programs of Khulna University started on August 31, 1991 with 80 students in four disciplines. As of November 2019, the university had 29 disciplines spread across six schools and two institutes, and it is the only public university in Bangladesh where student politics are not allowed. The university's academic program began in August 1991 with four disciplines: Computer Science and Engineering (CSE), Architecture, Business Administration (BA), and Urban and Rural Planning (URP).
 The following year, the disciplines of Forestry and Wood Technology (FWT) and Fisheries and Marine Technology (FMRT) were started. There are now 29 disciplines under eight schools and one institute. The language of instruction is English.

Vice-Chancellor :
H.E. Prof. Dr. Mohammad Fayek Uzzaman

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